Pedee youth meet Tuesday's at 6:30pm at the church.

Youth ages 10 and up meet in the sanctuary with Heather.

Children ages 9 and under meet downstairs with Lindsey and Candi. 

Contact Heather for further details:


cell: 503-910-7259


     The youth have partnered with our local missionaries, Eric and Rebekah Schwanke, in the efforts to build a new housing facility in South Sudan. Due to circumstances that their local young women have faced, they have become out casts from society. This housing complex will help these young ladies get out of the sex trade and learn new skills by which they can earn money from. The initial cost to build the complex is roughly $4000. ***UPDATE*** There are more women needing housing which has increased the size of the building by doubling in size and cost. The funds so far meet about half of that.

     We are committed to raising $1000 to help fund this project. One way the youth will raise funds will be through BottleDrop donations. Pedee Church now has a fundraising account, which takes Blue bags instead of the typical green bags. You can go to any BottleDrop location and ask for the blue bags or tags. There are also bags and tags available in the foyer. If you need assistance with the bags contact Heather. 

You may drop off up to 10 of the blue fundraiser bags with the Pedee sticker tag at:

  • Any BottleDrop location (Dallas Safeway, Monmouth Ross, etc.)
  • Inside the storage shed by the downstairs door at the church